Congrats to this weeks RIDE OF THE WEEK: Denny Schreiber with “SPAWN“. After a couple weeks of battling it out, Spawn pulled it out and took home the weekly crown! Will Spawn make it into the monthly top winners circle. Only you can decide that! ARE YOU NEXT? 


RMR – Denny congrats on Ride Of The Week.. Tell us a little about your self and the Ride…


Denny – Thank you! It’s Awesome to be here! I own and operate Renegade Kustoms in Pittsburgh PA.

We do to kustom led system for cars and residential

It’s 2010 Camaro SS/RS with an ls3 6 speed


Red jewel to coat with carbon flash ground effects and vertical doors


RMR – Awesome… So tell us have you always been a Chevy man?



Denny – Yes I have own Chevy products since 1981 with my first Camaro


RMR – That’s sick! Ok so theme for the Camaro? Nickname? If so why?


Denny – The theme is Spawn and the reason was I needed a name for my first show in 2011 so I always like the comic book character Spawn who was a typical villain. I thought the Spawn character would go good with the color of my car


RMR – It goes so well and looks so badass! Tell us you absolute number one favorite mod?


Denny – I would have to say it’s the Spawn air brushed hood liner the was done Corrado of in Toronto. Then would come the spawn kick panels done by William of the

Then the door panels done by Chris of vengeance graphix


RMR – They all look so good how could we pick one.. Ok what is in store for Spawn in the near future?


Denny – What I have planned is doing the local show circuit starting in January in Pittsburgh. Then to buffalo then Cleveland then back to buffalo then doing most show in the tri state Area till the final show of the season in September in Ohio


RMR – Awesome we will have to do full coverage!! Ok tell us what’s your favorite part about


Denny – Well first off it’s seeing all the bad ass Ridez that are out there and meeting new people and becoming friends

The baddest thing about is winning ride of the week


Oh I can’t forget AJ for putting a great community together



RMR – love that answer.. Ok last but not least tell get your shout outs and all your thank you’s in…


Denny – Well I would like to thank;

Don Congdon of Xtremeledsonline  for the Leds

Joe of NightOwl LEDs system for the baddest system out there

Willam of

Corrado of

Chris of vengeance graphix 3d carbon

Vertical doors

My friends and club Pittsburgh area Camaro enthusiasts and NEOCC ( North Eastern Ohio Camaro club) who put up with my craziness

CAM ( and the people who supported me and Spawn every step of the way!