SPAWN – The Birth Of A Show-stopper!

SPAWN – The Birth Of A Show-stopper!

        SPAWN – The Birth Of A Show-stopper!

        By John Thompson

        January 28, 2015

  I had the opportunity recently to speak to Denny Schreiber, the owner of the show-stopping ride known as Spawn about his car because I was curious about a few things.

        Denny’s first ride was a 1975 Canary Yellow Camaro that had a black roof with a 250c.i. under the hood and a 3-speed manual on              the floor that he got in 1981. His current Camaro is a 2010 SS/RS in Red Jewel Tintcoat and has a LS3 engine and a 6-speed manual transmission and carbon-flash metallic accents. This one however, he bought brand-new.


       Denny was getting ready to enter his latest Camaro in a car in a show and needed a name and theme for his ride. He initially looked         at the name Venom, but decided that would make people think of a snake, so he looked around a little more for some evil villains and    finally settled on the Spawn character. He decided to go with that for what it represented as the character started off as evil, but evolved into one of the good guys.



Much in the manner of the character it is named after, this Camaro has evolved over time as well. The first modification made was to

remove the resonators and factory mufflers, and install some Flowmaster 40s in their place. Next came a series of mods where a backup camera system was installed, the sound system got upgraded speakers, a pair of amps and some subwoofers, and some light up door sills and LED lights in the cupholders.

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After this, a set of headers, hi-flow cats, a cold air intake and engine tune were installed and a new set of factory chrome wheels were all installed.

Now began a series of installations of LED lights. The engine bay received some lights, followed by a Spawn painted hood liner and some green LEDs for Spawn’s eyes, along with a set of halos in the daytime running lamps.

Then came the Xtreme LED phase with headlight halos, lighting under the car, in the cabin for the footwells, inside the trunk and grille, light up kick panels, and some Spawn image lighting. All of these controlled by the NightOwl System.

During this current winter came what Denny has called “the wild stage” of modifications. Spawn received some ground effects, some fender vents, vertical doors, and some of the parts in the engine bay were powdercoated.

Excluding the headers and the cat, Denny has performed all of the work on Spawn himself and says that none of them are any more or less special to him than any of the others.

For the future, plans are for still another set of wheels for Spawn to get around on.

Denny is very impressed and appreciative of the comments and smiles he has received when fans of the character see his Camaro. He also likes the way the eyes on kids who have never seen Spawn light up when they see it. And it is well for him that he gets that response, for he  has a unique piece of rolling artwork that he can proudly claim he has built.

The car has won several awards at the different car shows it has been entered into. Among Denny’s favorites are the two (2) Kid’s Choice trophies as well as the first time he got 1st place in his class. His favorite shows thus far were his first appearance at the Buffalo Motorama and at the 3rd Annual Camaro Gathering in Concord, NC. His future trophy hope would be to receive an award for the lighting effects on Spawn after all of the hard work that has gone into  that.

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It has taken four and a half years to reach the point that Spawn is at today. It takes a lot of hours to create something like this, especially when you are doing so while holding down a full time career and taking care of costs for things such as food and housing.

Denny would like to remind everyone that you should never give up on a dream or idea, as they can be realized with some hard work and determination on your part, especially when you have the support of your family and friends.



Since it is nearly impossible for one person to create and produce all of the stuff that has gone into Spawn, Denny is also thankful for the companies and people that helped him by having products either buy off the shelf, or have custom made for him.

The people who have helped make this unique piece of art are:

Don C. of Xtreme LEDs for the lighting.

Corrado M. of Corrado Murals for the Spawn hood liner.

Bridgett D. of Bridgett’s Toxic Creations for the showboards.

William A. from for the image lighting and the kick panels.

Colbert K. from 3DCarbon for the ground effects and the fender vents.

Jake E. from Vertical Doors.

Josh H. at Totally Baked Powdercoating for the powdercoated parts under the hood.

Joe T. at NightOwl LEDs System for the best Wi-Fi controllers on the market.

AJ from Ratemyridez.

Stainless Works

Jannetty Racing.

Cold Air Induction.

Chris at Vengeance Graphix for the Spawn door panels.

All the members of the PACE and NEOCC car clubs who have supported all of his work, or as Denny says “supported me in all of my craziness.