Fighting for that number one spot! Week after week! Day after day! Its a grueling

battle of the baddest ridez on the planet and its GROWING! Congrats to Denny

Schreiber and Spawn for taking this weeks battle! Let’s get caught up with some

of the newest mods this beast has accrued! 


RMR – Denny congrats on RIDE OF THE WEEK! Spawn is a Badass Machine.. Tell us about some of the upgrades we do not know about already?


Denny – Thank you! Well this winter I installed vertical doors, carbon flash ground effects and fender vents. I also added a few more Leds and it looks sweet!

I can’t forget about the Powder coating parts under the hood, Valve covers strut bars and wire covers as well.


RMR – Sick! So you have been pushing hard for Ride of the Week.. Your going for Ride of the month?  What’s your strategy?



Denny – Yes I am it would be a great honor to be ride of the month.

As for my strategy it’s a secret, if I tell then everyone will win it (Smiles)


RMR – Nice! Ok So what’s in store for Spawn now cosmetic or performance wise?


Denny – As for performance I am undecided and for cosmetic maybe new wheels to finish the look off


RMR – Any sneak peaks at wheels?


Denny – Well I am looking a Foose or Dub wheels.


RMR – Very sweet! Ok so we like to ask this question a lot.. If you could have any other ride in the world right now what would it be?


Denny – I wouldn’t want anything else my car is the perfect car for me


RMR – So nothing else at all.. Nothing-vintage nothing?


Denny – Well, Maybe a 69 Camaro SS


RMR – There you go (laughs) Badass; you don’t have to give up Spawn


Denny – I know I will die with it (smiles)


RMR – So tell us what’s planned for this year?


Denny – Well I have numerous shows and cruises this year.

This week I will be in Cleveland at the piston power show part of a Camaro

NEOCC display and the following week in Buffalo at the Buffalo Motorama


RMR – Nice.. Without jinxing it.. How do you think you’ll do over all this year?


Denny – I know I will do very well


RMR – Very confident we like that! We will have to follow you and do some reporting!

 Ok last but not least you know the drill.. Get your thank you’s and shout outs in!



Denny – Well I would like to thank Pittsburgh area Camaro enthusiast (PACE) and North eastern Ohio Camaro club (NEOCC), CAM, RMR for a great community to show case badass ridez.

Don C of Xtreme Leds for the best LEDs

Night Owl Leds Systems for the controllers and all my friends who have supported and followed the progress of my adventure of Spawn.

– See more at: http://www.ratemyridez.com/articles/ride-of-the-week-the-comics-come-alive/#sthash.dZpqwAqO.dpuf