Well this ride is no stranger to the RMR arena and tonight we’re proud to showcase and congratulate  Denny Schreiber and Spawn for winning RIDE OF THE MONTH! Will this ride step in to the competition with the big dawns for RIDE OF THE YEAR! The year is young and the competition is fierce! Lets check out some updates on this sick ride!


RMR – Denny congrats on RIDE OF THE MONTH, well deserved!  How does it feel to hold the crown?


Denny – I am ecstatic that I won; it was a lot of hard work to get the votes but a ton of fun!


RMR – Awesome! Now that you have accomplished ROM are you going to shoot for another and try for Ride of the year?


Denny – I would love to win another ride of the month but nothing will compare to the very first. (Smiles)

As for ride of the year I would love to win that but the competition is tough and great competitors, so ill be working hard and trying my best!


RMR – Has anything changed on Spawn since we last talked? Fill us in!


Denny – I added a few more lights in the fender vents and engine bay and also had a acrylic sign made which really stands out at the shows!


RMR – Looks sweet! We know you have been attending shows.. Give us an update?


Denny – Spawn was in Cleveland at the piston power show and won 2nd place in 2000-2010 conservative hardtop

I also went to The Buffalo Motorama and won top 60 and also won edition choice award


RMR – Nice! With all the hard work and the continuous mods you do were sure this will be an awesome show season for spawn and looking forward to the future! Ok last you know the drill! Get all your shouts out in..!


Denny – I would like to thank Don Congdon from Xtreme LEDs

And Joe Tutle from Night owl led systems

Corrado from Corrado Mural for the out standing air brushed work on the hood liner


Josh H from Totally Baked Powder Coating for the amazing work on the engine components


Spawn would not be where it is with out those companies and people who brought my idea to life

To all my CAMILY from thecamaroregistry.com and friends and who supported me and my passion to bring this idea to life and to AJ and Ratemyridez for having a place to showcase our ridez!

Thanks again for the homer to be ride of the month I really appreciate it!