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WELCOME TO CAMARO MADNESS!!! Get ready for the baddest Camaro Contest on the planet.. We have taken the sickest Camaros mashed them together and are showcasing them right here!! One a day for 31 days!!! Then picking 12 for an amazing calendar and then to top it all off, picking FIVE to battle it out live on the site for a week for the community to vote on for a grand prize winner of some amazing prizes!!! So get ready for some sick action!!! Tonight we kick it off with a monster of a ride and congradulate Denny Schreiber with “SPAWN” for being our #1 pick in the MADNESS! Let’s check out this BadAs$ Camaro!! 

#1 “SPAWN“


RMR – Denny.. Welcome to Camaro Madness.. First and Foremost how did you hear about Ratemyridez.com?


Denny – I heard about Ratemyridez on Facebook and Bridgett Davis led the way!


 RMR – Awesome and can you tell us your favorite part?


Denny – I like to see all the original ideas people come up for their ridez and the variety of cars that are on the site.


RMR – That’s awesome.. One of our favorites as well.. Ok, so tell us a little about your ride?


Denny – Well it was bought in May of 2010 and its a 2010 Chevy Camaro SS/RS 6 speed with a ls3. The first thing I did as most people do is change the exhaust. I had no interest in showing my car as I bought the car to enjoy it. Then I got the bug with mods!


RMR – OH yea The BUG!!! Tell us what the bug did to you.. Kill us with the mods..?


Denny – Well I started with the exhaust with Flowmaster 40′s, then I added stainless work long tube headers and hi flo cats and got a Lannetty racing tune, I also added a cold air induction intake. After that I started with the LEDs that I got from Don Congdon and Xtreme LEDs. It started as 300 rgb LEDs then grew to 1500 rgb LEDs. Including footwells, trunk, Engine bay, drl rgb halos, rgb halos in headlights and rgb mail slot, rgb under car.

 I then contacted William Anderson of thedoubleaa .com for some custom work for SPAWN. So he designed me 1 badass led lit kick panel kit and image lights

I was tired of all the remotes to control so I contacted NightOwl LEDs systems and Joe Tuttle about their system that uses wifi and modules.

I then installed 4 modules and it all runs from my iPhone. Then I changed all the speakers to infinity kappa series and 2 10inch subs in the trunk powered by 1000 watts of power.

Now comes the hood liner the crowning achievement of the car I was trying to think of a name for my car and came up with Spawn. I contacted Corrado  from Corrado murals in Toronto and I told him my idea and told him I needed it in 6 weeks, He told me “no problem”. So 2 days before the piston power show in Cleveland in March of 2013 I unveiled it.


 RMR -WOW sounds amazing… So what are the futures plans for mods??


Denny – Well you know your never done with mods (Smiles) Got some ideas I am working on ground effects vertical doors, dovetail spoiler, fender vents and new wheels and tires that I will unveil at the Pittsburgh world of Wheels in Jan 2015


RMR – Well sounds amazing and we will have to either be their for the unveil or get some vid’s and pic’s.. So tell us where you got your name from?


Denny – Well SPAWN is a comic book hero/villain and I like the image he represented and thought it was cool. When deciding on a name I wanted a character that would go with the color of my car so that’s how I came up with that. IT”S ALSO BADASS!!!!


 RMR – Ok describe Spawn in four words! You cannot use the words The or A… GO


Denny – Badass Spawn themed Camaro


RMR – Hell yea…! So what about shows?? Track? Hit any of those? If so tell us your favorite memory of each?


Denny – I have entered my car in mostly shows and have won or placed in 12 out of 13 including 2 kids choices. The best memories is all the pictures and reactions from the people, the kids sitting in the car and everyone faces.. I love it!


RMR – That’s awesome!! We love those kind of answers its always the heart felt moments that mean the most.. Ok is you could change one thing about the ride what would it be


Denny – Not a thing I think the car is perfect the way it is


RMR – Sweet.. Ok in your own words tell us why you should win Camaro madness?


Denny – Well I think I should win cause of all the heart and soul I put in to it to showcase it so others can enjoy and I feel it! It is a original and will never see another like it!


RMR – Nice One of a Kind! Ok last but not least get all your shout outs and thank you to whoever in .. This is your soap box.. Go


Denny – Well I would like to thank Theresa Errett who put up with my craziness. Don Congdon and Xtreme LEDs, Joe Tuttle and Night owl LEDs systems. Bridgett Davis and Bridgett toxic creations. William Anderson and The doubleaa.com. Cold air induction Stainless works With out all these great people and companies SPAWN would not exist  feel really blessed that I was able to create with their help And thank you Ratemyridez for the Camaro Madness!


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