Rate My Ridez Article On Renegade Kustoms

Renegade Kustoms… LIGHT EM UP!!


This weeks Business Affiliate spotlight goes to one TOP NOTCH lighting company  out of PA! Renegade Kustoms! Let’s check these guys out and see what they have to offer! 


RMR – Denny. Welcome to RMR.. Tell us about your business.. Name… and a quick overview of what you offer?


Denny – The name is Renegade Kustoms

We offer Kustom designed led lighting systems



RMR – Awesome.. Can u tell us how you got started?


Denny – Well there wasn’t any companies in Pittsburgh PA offering Kustom lighting solutions and I thought this would a good opportunity to start something new.


With 1 goal in mind to make the best lightning systems out there



RMR – Sounds awesome! So where did you start what was the first game plan?


Denny – Well as most people know I own Spawn and wanted a lighting system for Spawn, So I have done of lot of research on lighting and controllers and found the best lighting and controllers on the market are all American made.



RMR – Awesome..! Spawn is a sick ride.. Tell us some of the stuff u have done to spawn?


Denny – Well there are over 1500 RGB LED’S throughout the car including engine, grill halos, drls under car foot wells and of course spawn eyes.

We also painted the drl bezels and rad support, engine cover and fuse box cover as well.


RMR – Badass.. Ok so what’s in in the future for Renegade..?


Denny – Our goal is to offer innovated products and expand beyond the imagination


RMR – Awesome seems like a great mission statement. So how can one go about getting some products from u?


Denny – They can go to www.renegadekustoms.com

Or they can go to our Facebook page 

And contact us through there


RMR – Ok and are you specific to one type of ride or anyone can contact you?


Denny – We offer Kustoms lighting systems for any make or model or year car or truck..!


RMR – That sounds great! Ok if you can leave us on one note.. Telling all the new and old customers one thing about Renegade what would it be?



Denny – We are very detailed oriented company and take great pride in our workmanship!

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