Rate My Ridez Article on Laditee Franklin





CAM – Terri what’s up and welcome to Cam of the Week! Tell us a little about you and your CAM..?


Terri – Well as you know I’m Terri I have a new found passion for cars, married with 2 adult children and spend most of my free time on my ride. Bought my Cam in 2010 and was inspired to create something unique and different to this particular style of car



CAM – That is awesome and it shows! So name your top favorite three mods you have done and why?


Terri – My System because it stands out from any other component in the car and has all the elements of me.

Next would be the engine, which I wanted to bring out because it’s the most neglected part of the car, as for mods.

Last but not least would be my Exhaust system because it reminds me of myself, Loud and Obnoxious





CAM – (Laughs) Love That answer!!!


Terri – Oh and a little sexy (Smiles)



CAM – Ok So Name two rides before your CAM and is the CAM your favorite?


Terri – Before my Cam my two favorite cars where BMW 6 series converted into a M6 and my Lexus GS300. Honestly my Cam is my favorite Modded ride.




CAM – Nice!! Ok so take one of those rides.. and your CAM.. Mash them together and come up with a nickname..


Terri – Ohhh your making this hard (Laughs) …Lets see I would take my M6 and the Cam and name it “NO LIMITS”




CAM – Hell yea nice Answer! And you know we cant make it easy .. Ok so what’s in store for the ride?


Terri – Were changing the wheels completely around and then enhancing and tweaking the system as well as changing some lighting. May play around with the leather interior, offset the ride with more matte black. Change some accents to the front end and im sure they’re will be more surprises.



CAM – Can not wait!!! Ok for all your fellow CAM enthusiast can you give them some words of wisdom?


Terri – Sure, Most important part of modding is to sit down and blue print what you want to do with your project, create a budget then Throw it away and be patient. Most importantly have fun with it, make it your car and the way you want it.



CAM – Awesome advice well spoken! Ok last get all your shout outs in and thank you’s


Terri – First AJ I want to thank you and your team for all the luv you’ve shown for all car enthusiast and special thanks to all my fellow Cam lovers for keeping it fun and exciting. And of course all my custom shops that put up with me and my hubby’s crazy ideas.


CAM – SO Awesome!