Rate My Ridez Article On Freedom Camaro



CAMARO MADNESS!!!! OH YEA!! Diggin into to and getting to the middle of the

showcase month and let us tell you!!! WHEWWWW!!! What a great showcase so

far! Tonight we congratulate Kevin Voytosh with “FREEDOM” for being our #14

pick in the MADNESS!! Let’s check out this sick CAMARO!!!



RMR – Welcome to Camaro madness, first tell us how you found Ratemyridez.com and what’s your favorite part of the community?


Kevin – Thank You I’m happy to be here. I’ve been a member on Facebook for about 5 years and have grown in the Camaro family meeting new friends. I stumbled upon RMR one day and went to the website and thought to myself … this is a really cool page!!! So I signed up!

I love looking at other folk’s cool rides and I love sharing mine as well.


RMR – So awesome. We are very happy to have you part of the fam! Ok so tell us about your ride.. Name? Mods.. Etc..?


Kevin – Here is a little about it (Smiles) “Freedom”, my dream Camaro! The color is called, (ABM) Aqua Blue Metallic which is rather a rare color, VERY LIMITED in production that was only available on the early Gen 5 Camaro’s for 2010. There was only 3,903 ABM’s and Freedom is build #293, and is #56 in the 2LT\RS lineup. In overall production its number is 18,571 in total Camaro’s produced. Freedom is a 6sp manual V6 putting out nearly 330 horsepower. Mods include a K&N Cold Air Intake along with a Flowmaster Hushpower Axle Back Exhaust. Many Billet and Polished Chrome trim pieces have been added throughout the entire car from the Grill to the rear Bumper, inside and out. Louvers have been installed on the rear window as well.Freedom cruises in style with 20″ Polished Chrome FOOSE Wheels. Inside the Trunk is a custom Trunk Lid Mat along with a custom Trunk Enclosure that matches the engine cover. Freedom has Sequential LED Tail Lights along with just over 1,000 Red White and Blue LED’s that surround the entire car underneath, engine bay, trunk and the interior. There is a custom Airbrushed Hood Liner with blue flames along with a custom Engine Cover that has been Airbrushed with the American Eagle whose wings are graced with the American Flag coming over a blade that reads “Freedom”, this is where the car got his name! It’s a tribute to my Father who loved the American Eagle and his love for the Camaro. Of course, me being his son, I share that experience and passion with him. My Father passed away on Jan 10th of 2013.



RMR – Badass… Ok so describe freedom in three words?


Kevin – “Awesome”, “Freedom” and last but not least my “Dad”.


RMR – That’s a great answer. Ok so what’s in store for the future of Freedom?


Kevin – Well, I’d like to add a few more LED ‘s behind the grill and also Halo’s in the driving lights. A few more Chrome and Billet trim pieces…. Once the car is paid off (From the bank) I’d like to do a full exhaust change. But in the neat future the first and next thing will be is to have the Resonators removed for better sound.


RMR – Sounds like a plan.. Ok what about shows? Can u tell us your favorite memory of them?


Kevin – I’ve never been in any actual car voting events simply because I enjoy just going to the local cruise in’s. My biggest memory was about 4 and half years ago at a cruise. I was invited to go on a photo shoot for a local dealership to promote their product line.I was asked to join simply because my car is an ABM or Aqua Blue Metallic. I was asked to join simply because my car is an ABM or Aqua Blue Metallic. I was asked to join simply because my car is an ABM Aqua Blue metallic.


RMR – That’s  sick.. Must have been an honorable moment!! Ok in your own words tell us why you should win Camaro madness?


Kevin – I feel that Freedom represents all of us in some way. In my own personal way it’s about my Dad but when folks see it, it’s about being and living free. Freedom has a LOT to offer in style, performance and its just simply COOL to see in person.


RMR – Great answer.. Ok last but not least.. Get all your shout outs in and thank you’s.. GO


Kevin – Well I’d like to give a huge Thanks to Xtreme L.E.D.’s ONLINE where I purchased my LED’s and to Renegade Kustoms for doing a superior install job! Freedom has become Xtreme Kustom! And last but not least….. Thanks Mom & Dad…

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