Night Owl Led Systems

Let NightOwl LED Systems help you “Night It Up” with our Multi-Channel WiFi-Controlled RGB LED Drivers and Configurable Light Shows.  Not just one boring single-channel system, but up to 32 channels.  Your vehicle will stand out from the rest.

All of our drivers/controllers work together to create a multi-channel light show. Our controllers communicate wirelessly, so setup is a cinch. Whether you purchase one module or dozens, they all work together.

We’re not talking about just single-color LEDs. We’re talking about full-spectrum RGB LEDs. Most RGB LED drivers on the market support a maximum of 6 million colors. Our system supports 65 BILLION which provides with optimal color control at low LED intensities and smooth fades. This level of color along with the ability to adapt our system to your needs makes your installation truly unique.

All of this–and more–can be changed live using any iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Android through the NightOwl LED Systems app. Our key fob can also be used for quick control.

Start with one of our kits, and then add more modules as time goes along.

Visit the “How It Works” page to learn more about the NightOwl system.