Marks Baby

 Mark Seifert 2000 Camaro
With 300 RGB SubmersI-Flex from Xtreme L.E.D.’s And installed By Renegade Kustoms And controlled with wifi controller

Well, she came off the showroom floor at Bairel’s in the North Hills on rt.19. We traded in an oldsmobile, got my dads GM discount since

he worked for them and when the dust settled we got it for 11,685 down from 22k.

My dad used to call it Marks baby so the name kinda stuck and she was simply called ‘Baby’. Assembled in Canada and now 14 years old

with only 43k miles on it shes still almost completely original. Having a 3.8 6cyl. engine she can haul pretty well when she needs to and

although not stamped as such, is the closest to the Z28 model of her era. Not bad for a 4th. Gen Coupe.