What’s the Madness without SPAWN? Congrats to our last showcase of the month Denny Schreiber and Spawn for getting into the MADNESS! Let’s Check this familiar face out and see what’s new and up and coming!

Good luck in the contest if you entered! Don’t Say we din’t tell you so!!!


RMR – Denny welcome to the Madness.. No stranger to RMR but for those that don’t know you tell us a little bout yourself and your ride?


Denny – Thanks AJ

I own and operate renegade Kustoms in Pittsburgh Pa for Kustom LED lighting

The car I call Spawn is a

2010 Camaro SS/RS red jewel tint coat LS3 6 speed with 500 hp


RMR – Sweet.. Tell us about the mods..


Denny – Well that’s a long list (Smiles)

I have a custom airbrushed good liner with Spawn painted on it

With green LED’s in his eyes

I have over 2500 LEDs thru out the car

Performance wise I have stainless works headers with hi Flo cats and Flowmaster 40′s

I have a CAI Intake and have had a Jannety racing tuned


I have custom spawn kick panels and image lights

I added vertical doors and 3 d carbon ground effects and fender vents painted Carbon flash metallic

I have numerous engine parts powder coated carbon glad or lollipop red

The valve covers coil brackets rad cover, wire cover and strut bar



 I changed all the speakers to infinity kappa series with a pair 10″ subs

Powered by 2 amps making 1000 watts

More mods to come this winter


Hood liner


It’s carbon flash metallic


RMR – Sick.. Ok so what’s on deck?


Denny – Well if I tell you I would have to kill you (just kidding)


Every one will see in Jan at the first show of the year

For now it will be my secret


RMR – Dangg!! Speaking of car shows how is spawn doing this year?


Denny – Well this year has been a incredible year so far I have entered 5 shows thru out the eastern USA and have won 7 awards including kids choice and best new muscle

I have 7 more to go the rest of the summer

Have been on a roll winning multiple awards at a few shows


As of now I have 23 awards out of 20 tries

Not to bad for a guy from Pittsburgh


RMR – That’s incredible. I’m sure the streak will continue! Give us your favorite memory from a show this year?


Denny – Well they are all great memories but the one that sticks in my head is the buffalo Motor Rama winning top 60 out of 300 cars and winning the edition choice award

It was an honor to win going against the best cars around meaning that Spawn is able to compete with the big players

Also hearing the comments that the car was well put together and well thought out



RMR – Awesome. Ok in one sentence tell us what u think of when u hear Ratemyridez June Madness?



Denny – Well first off the best of the best and craziness


RMR – Sweet. Ok last but not least get your shout outs in and thank you’s


Denny – Well I would like to thank all of my friends who supported me and the following companies

Xtreme LEDs for the lighting

NightOwl LEDs for the best wifi controllers

Totally baked Powdercoating

For all the parts they did for me

3d carbon for the best ground effects out there

Vertical doors for the best list around

I would also like to thank all the promoters of the shows for letting me part of their events and showing people my ride

Aj and Ratemyridez  and the Camily who supports me where ever I go!

– See more at: http://www.ratemyridez.com/articles/madness-comes-to-an-end-spawn-style/#sthash.h7GOQNyY.dpuf