John B Z28 Foot wells


 John B Z28  RGB LED’S  Footwells

Installed At Renegade Kustoms


Well, It all started back in 1986 when I purchased my Medium Blue Metallic z28 305v8. It was love at first site. I as a stupid kid at the time, and beat my Camaro the first 10,000 miles and as I got older realized how much I loved the car and needed to take much better care of her. So I put my Camaro in storage and its been my pride and joy for over 25 years. Now that I am older. I can truly appreciate the power and beauty of the car. A “Project in motion “ I like to call it. Always adding cool parts and accessories along the way. This year in November 2014, I had Renegade Kustoms add a Led Package to add some spark to a car that didn’t have much gloss. Now my Camaro lights up like a sky full of stars.I will be the proud owner of her forever.