How it works


The NightOwl System allows you to control all of your LEDs as one system.  By controlling each LED device independently, you can attract more attention to your ride by creating your own light show. Our expandable system allows up to 16 modules per vehicle, and each module can control either 2 or 4 LED devices independently.

Each vehicle requires a single master controller. This is the main “brains” of each system and includes the WiFi hotspot that your phone or tablet connects to.  This master is usually placed in the cabin of the vehicle, which is centrally located.

Each of the modules communicate with the master controller over radio frequencies. No wiring between modules or the master is necessary. The system supports up to 16 modules, but we don’t expect you to use that many. Each of our modules can already control a minimum of 2 full-color devices, or 6 single-color devices (also any combination is allowed).

You control the system using WiFi. An iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android devices, can be used to connect to the master to configure and control the system. The NightOwl application (available in the Apple App Store and Google Play) connects securely over WiFi to the master using a unique System Key. This prevents anyone else from controlling your system.

Each device can be assigned to a “channel”. A channel is a Red-Green-Blue device (or can be a single-color device). If a single-color device is used, brightness is all that you’ll be able to control. A single-color device can also be designated as an on/off device, which disallows dimming/fading.Our system supports up to 32 channels. This means that you can individually control 32 different lighting groups. If you have more than 32 devices (which would be a whole lot!), then you can group multiple devices into a single channel.

The system includes several types of programs.  This allows you to configure different lighting effects. Currently we have the following program types available:

  • Solid color (as simple as it sounds)
  • Color strobe (up to 4 different colors. On, Off, and Fade duration can also be configured)
  • Alternating strobe (alternates between 2 channel sets: 2 colors plus a background color. On and off duration, plus number of strobes per channel set can be configured)
  • Chase (can create knight-rider type effects. You define the order of channels (up to 13), foreground and background color, speed, auto-reverse, and fade between)
  • Color cycle (fades through all saturated colors for a configured duration per color)
  • Random color (a random color for a configured duration for each, as well as a configured fade duration)
  • Breathe (fades between a color and the darker version of that color with a configurable speed)
  • Fireworks (a random color fires on a random channel and dims to black. Also has an optional shimmer setting)
  • Color Fade (fades between up to 4 specified colors)
  • Heartbeat (simulates beats of a heart)

Check out our How-To Videos for more information