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Mark S. and his Camaro called “Baby.”




Thank you Mark for being willing to take a few minutes and to tell us a little about “Baby” and thank you for choosing Renegade Kustoms for your auto specialty needs.

My father worked for GM at the West Mifflin Plant and through him I acquired my interest in cars. I always wanted to learn to work on them and such, but didn’t have the tools, the garage, or the know-how.

She came off the show room floor at Bairel Wexford Chevrolet. My father was able to get an employee discount at the time for the family so that and a trade-in helped get her. She was assembled in Canada eh? She is a 2000 model Camaro with a 3.8l 6-cylinder engine. My father named her, he kept calling the car “Mark’s Baby” so she was finally called just “Baby.”

I have entered her into some shows here and there. Her crowning award was in 2013 when she won 2nd Place in her class at the World Of Wheels.


I am always thinking about what else I can do to my ride and when I saw the LED lighting that can be done, I was interested immediately. Renegade Kustoms was the choice because they knew what they were doing.

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So far, I have put under-carriage lights, a Magnaflow exhaust, decal stripes made especially for F-Body cars, and some small mods here and there. In the future, I plan to add some more LEDs, and whatever else I can depending on the money, lol.