Customer Profile (Kevin V Freedom Camaro)

Renegade Kustoms Customer Profile

Kevin V. and the Freedom Camaro


  Growing up, I’ve always loved cars! ESPECIALLY the Camaro!!! Basically it’s a hobby for me. I used to help my Dad wash and wax all the beautiful cars he used to own, and MAN he had some beauties.!!! I waited patiently for the day to come when I could drive. He never let me drive his cars by myself for good reason but as long as he was with me I really didn’t care (too much!).

    I own a 2010 Aqua Blue Metallic Camaro RS with the V6 engine and the 2LT trim package. It is a pretty rare color as they only made 3,903 in this color, mine was the 293rd to be painted in this color. It is still pretty much stock with the exception of a K&N CAI and a Flowmaster Axle-Back Exhaust system. It has every option that was available at the time it was built, including the leather interior.

   I like to be DIFFERENT! I like my ride to stand out. I like to say that all Camaros are the same, but I guarantee, you’ll never see one like this one! With the LED installation that was done by Renegade Kustoms, I knew I was using the top of the line product! I did my homework and found nothing else compares! With Renegade Kustoms, I knew it couldn’t be beat.


 The mods to Freedom include a K&N cold air intake along with the Flowmaster Hushpower Axle-Back Exhaust system. It has had many Billet and polished chrome pieces added throughout the entire car from the grille to the rear bumper, inside and out. Louvers have also been installed on the rear window and custom RS floor mats on the inside. Freedom cruises in style on a set of 20” polished chrome FOOSE Legend Wheels. Inside the trunk is a custom-designed mat on the trunk lid and a custom trunk enclosure that matches the airbrushed American Eagle whose wings are graced with the American Flag coming over a blade that reads “Freedom” design on the engine   cover and a custom airbrushed hood liner with blue flames. Freedom has sequential LED tail lamps along with more than 750 red, white, and blue LEDs that surround the entire car from underneath, in the engine bay, and in the interior. The airbrushed designs and the red, white, and blue lighting is where the car gets it’s name from.


I am not one to enter car shows per-se. I prefer local cruise-ins and such. I get more enjoyment out of folks gathering around my ride as they point and take pictures. I like to just stand back and listen to them. I like to hear the good and the bad that they say but it really makes me feel fantastic when I hear that they like what I like! However, I had an extremely rare opportunity to be involved in the 2015 Pittsburgh World of Wheels. A friend of mine trailered my car to the event and without him it wouldn’t have been possible. I actually took 3rdPlace in the “Conservative Hardtop Class!!!” I was totally blown away! It was an absolute first for me! And to top it off, our car club took the Best Club Display Award.




The exterior is pretty much complete, although I may add some new chrome door handles. I am still planning on more LEDs, for the grille lights and maybe some Halo’s. I am also planning a few more interior mods as well for the future.

I’d like to thank Denny S. from Renegade Kustoms who has been a tremendous help! He has done the installation of Freedom’s LEDs. It is an over the top install and it has really drawn some big attention to Freedom. I would also like to thank Don C. from Xtreme LED’s, which is where I purchased Freedom’s LEDs.

   One thing that I love doing is taking pictures of Freedom! I have lots of those. I also have a few videos on YouTube as well. If you want to see some basic videos of Freedom and the LEDS that are installed, go to:

   Thank you Kevin for being willing to spend a few minutes with us and telling us about the Freedom Camaro, and as always, thank you for choosing Renegade Kustoms for your automotive specialty needs.

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