About Us


   Welcome to Renegade Kustoms! Your one-stop source for lighting, vertical doors, installations, and more.

Hello, my name is Denny and I am not only the owner/proprietor of Renegade Kustoms, I am also the owner of a 2010 Camaro SS/RS that has been based on the Spawn comic/movie character and features a number of the products that we here at Renegade Kustoms offer to our customers.

    We are based in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania, just north of Pittsburgh. We started the company as there were no companies in the Pittsburgh area offering the services we wanted for our own cars. When we first started out, we were providing submersible RGB LED light sets. Our product line started out offering custom LED lighting for every  make and model of vehicle on the road. And if it isn’t available off the shelf, we can custom build it for you. Since then, we have expanded to offer only the best LEDs and controllers on the market. We use wi-fi controllers that can be controlled from your Iphone or Android operated cell phone. We also offer wheels and vertical door systems and installation of our products onto your ride if you are local, or we can ship them to you anywhere in the United States. In addition, we also offer LED lighting systems for residential and business applications.

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In the future, our goal here at Renegade Kustoms is to be THE shop in town who provides amazing products and  services to our customers in both the automotive and home/business applications of lighting products. We also hope to eventually offer mobile service to our customers in the Tri-State area for installing custom made lighting systems.

   Unlike many companies, we do not have a favorite customer build, for they can not compare to each other. Each has showcased different options, and offered their own design and layout differences and are thus unique and hold a special place in our hearts. Although I do have to admit to a certain amount of prejudice when it comes to Spawn, for after all, that is my own personal ride. We would like for you, our customers here at Renegade Kustoms to know that we pride ourselves on having both the best customer service, and the best products available to suit your needs.